Meet the Creators



Tracy O’Bryan is an animal lover, sustainability artivist (artist-activist), and master taste tester. A Chilean native, Tracy came to the US to study botany at the University of California Davis. She now lives with her fiance and Wild Merman co-founder Brendan Janet on a suburban, permaculture, community homestead in Tacoma, WA.

While transitioning from a vegetarian to conscious pescatarian diet, she was disappointed by the lack of high quality salmon jerky at the her local stores. Led by the guidance of her inner mermaid, she began experimenting with her own salmon jerky recipes at home – the same recipes that are now available to you. Tracy also designed the Wild Merman labels and packaging. When not tending to her chickens and vegetable garden, Tracy enjoys acroyoga jams and salsa dancing.


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Brendan Janet is a certified permaculture designer and an entrepreneur passionate about sustainable food and living. He hails from the suburbs of Washington DC and fell in love with Tracy while obtaining a Master’s in Agricultural Economics at the University of California at Davis. He now lives with his fiance, sister, and friends on their permaculture community in Tacoma, WA where he focuses on expanding their infrastructure for off-grid living. Brendan manages day-to-day operations for Wild Merman and all facets of business development. Brendan awakens his inner Merman by surfing overhead sets and by longboarding down smooth desert roads.