Our neighborhood salmon are spawning!

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2016 has been an amazing first year for us. The Kickstarter campaign brought our

wildest dream to life, and our salmon jerky to the world! There is still a lot to be done,

but at this time of year, it’s important we all slow down. On our little homestead, our

chickens are scratching frozen leaves looking for the last remains of insects and seeds.

Our ducks are breaking through thin ice in our pond to clean their feathers before a

hard freeze. And just beyond our backyard, the Pacific Northwest rains have been

draining through our watershed and bringing our salmon home!



In our neck of the woods, the Keta salmon are returning home to their native spawning

beds at Swan Creek just a few blocks away. They’re one of the last salmon species to

return home at this time of year, but they’re arrival is nothing short of amazing. A few

years ago these fish hatched out of their safe-haven spawning beds and fed on insects

and plankton as they made their way to the pacific ocean. But over the course of their

life, only about 1 in 1000 eggs will make it back as a spawning adult. 



Over the past few years, our community has been transforming Swan Creek into a more

resilient watershed.  Our salmon now have stronger flowing waters and more gravel 

beds to safely lay their eggs in.  While their journey is never an easy one, this last home

stretch will be a little safer to spawn the next salmon generation.


Welcome home wild Keta! 


  1. Ann geralis

    Hey I am a fried of your parents and I live in Orange beach Alabama. Down here they have about 3 large stores that sell jerkey and none of them have what you sell. Would it be ok if I gave them your information.
    Ann geralis.